Sog'liqni asrash va qomatni tiklash uchun Toshkentdagi eng zo'r ovqat yetkazib berish xizmati

O'zingizga maqsad qo'ying va individual ratsion tanlab oling
Qo'ng'iroq buyurtma qilish

Доставка правильного питания

Bizning ustunliklarimiz

Nega mijozlar bizni tanlashadi

We recycle plastic
We are for the environment
Individual approach
We cook with excellent quality products
We are never late
Delicious and healthy daily meals with free door-to-door delivery
Consulting of nutritionist
Can't decide? Our nutritionist will help you calculate the diet and choose the right diet

O'z ratsioningizni tanlang

  • super fit
  • Standard
  • Sport
  • I don't want to cook
  • Мужской
  • Кето

super fit

Special dishes
Individual selection of calories and micro and macro nutrients with the help of a professional nutritionist. An absolute variety on the menu, as well as an expensive composition of ingredients. The diet is complemented by healthy drinks from the head chef of Good-Food. Services include free nutritional consultation.
dan 115 000 So'm




Standart ration with 5 meals
The "low calorie standard" consists of five meals, the number of calories recorded: 900 to 1100 kcal. variety in the menu with branded presentation. The "Standard" program is notable for the lack of the ability to make changes to the diet, as well as the lack of the "Thermo-bag" service and the "Drinks on an ongoing basis" service.
dan 85 000 So'm




Be in shape
A diet with five meals a day. A program for those who pursue the goal of high-quality muscle gain. Adequate protein content in the diet contributes to high-quality muscle building during active training. The use of whey protein, as well as outstanding dishes underline the professional approach to the preparation of the "Sport" diet
dan 135 000 So'm



I don't want to cook

Stop cooking
Waste a lot of time cooking? Don't know what to cook? Do you want to keep yourself in shape? A team of professional chefs and a nutritionist take on these responsibilities. Diet with four meals a day for the whole day. Daily variety of menus. Saving time and effort.
dan 70 000 So'm




Рацион "мужской"
Скидки 24% на рацион "Мужской"! Всего за 95.000 сум.
dan 140 000 So'm




Рацион "Кето"
Рацион с содержанием насыщенных жиров, ограниченным кол-вом углеводов и умеренным кол-вом белков
dan 110000 So'm



Mijozlarimiz uchun chegirmalar

Microwave to the diet for 5.000 soums

We offer you a microwave for your ration

Ko'proq bilib olish ...

Скидки 10% на пробное меню, для новых клиентов

Всё еще думаете? Начните с 2-ух пробных дней прямо сейчас!

Ko'proq bilib olish ...

К заказу доступны 4 программы!

К заказу доступны 4 программы!

Ko'proq bilib olish ...
Yetkazib berish

Bepul yetkazib berish

Har kuni sizga qulay bo'lgan joyga

Kuryerimiz doimiy ravishda siz tomondan tanlangan ratsionni zamonaviy 'muzlatgich' termosumkasida eltib beradi. Uni ovqatingiz yomon bo'lib qolishidan havotir olmasdan o'zingiz bilan olib yursangiz bo'ladi. Topishingiz kerak bo'lgan yagona narsa – mikroto'lqinli pech!

Har kunlik yetkazib berish

Ertalab 8:00 dan 10:00 gacha

Kechki payt 19:00 dan 23:00 gacha

Buyurtma qilish

Mijozlar biz haqimizda nima deydi

Ирин Давидчук

Результат минус 21 кг Сроки питания: 3,5 месяца Рацион: индивидуальный 1200 ккал

Тамара Степанян

Результат минус 19 кг. Рацион: индивидуал – низкокалорийный


Результат минус 28,4 кг без физических нагрузок. Сроки питания: 3 месяца. Рацион: индивидуальный 1200 ккал.


Результат минус 10 кг. Срок питания: 2 месяца Рацион: индивидуальный 1500 ккал

Камрон Рустамов

Результат минус 17 кг Сроки питания: 2 месяца Рацион: индивидуальный 1200 ккал


Tez-tez beriladigan savollar

How can I order food?

Leave a request on the site by going to the "Order" page. And our specialists will contact you via the Telegram messenger to place an order. Or you can call us and we will tell you everything ourselves

How can I pay for my order?

Payment is possible through Click, PayMe or upon receipt

How in advance do I need to order?

Orders are formed until 14.00 daily, you can arrange delivery at any time convenient for you

How to cancel or reschedule a delivery?

There are contact numbers on our website where you can call and explain the situation, preferably before 14.00.

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